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My feelings (rant)

i have never felt so trapped. Stupid rumor going around my school that I lie about my depression. I thought they were my friends. They aren’t The people here are telling me I can’t do anything or accomplish anything, but I go on the internet and they say I can do anything. I just want to kill myself why can’t I do that. The fear of hurting the others, its huge but, who would I hurt when no one cares. I selfharm so often now it doesn’t even scare me. I just don’t to be here I didn’t want to write this anywhere except my tumblr cause nobody looks at my tumblr. It makes it 10x worse because the guy I consider my best friend says he likes me so much but won’t date me because my age. That just makes me think. He is waiting for me to change myself so I’m pretty or better what if I’m just the same but he doesn’t like me. I am not good for him. I am not good enough for anyone. I fucking hate this fucking world. okay I thought this would help me

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Moist breath condensates on my skin.
As I drag the thin silver blade across my skin. Red beads seep through the lines
Shaky hands waver handwriting; I can’t even think straight anymore.
Adrenaline rushes through my vines. Who can save me from this madness? No one.
Someone please, save me. Before I’m consumed by this monster: myself.
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